JB: Du Bois believed in the American dream. So did Martin. So did Malcolm. So do I. So do you. That’s why we’re sitting here.

AL: I don’t, honey. I’m sorry, I just can’t let that go past. Deep, deep, deep down I know that dream was never mine. And I wept and I cried and I fought and I stormed, but I just knew it. I was Black. I was female. And I was out – out – by any construct wherever the power lay. So if I had to claw myself insane, if I lived I was going to have to do it alone. Nobody was dreaming about me. Nobody was even studying me except as something to wipe out.

JB: You are saying you do not exist in the American dream except as a nightmare.

AL: That’s right.



An Incredible Exposure of Life in Modern Russia

I have to be honest- for me, politics, particularly the history of the Russian Federation, can be incredibly nebulous and hard to grasp. But I’ll let Vasya, the transvestite depicted above, sum up the Putin era of Russia in a few words: “These days people feel freer. The difference is that once upon a time people knew what they had to say, but they couldn’t say it. Now you can say anything, but no one knows what to say.” Not so different from life in the West.

Source: Rafal Milach